Membership & Governance

Membership & Governance

All our clients become members of our nonprofit and our members formally approve the budget and elect directors.

We want to be a membership-powered organization.  We believe that non-profits and the communities they serve thrive best when the members are engaged and active in a high-level way.  Our by-laws emphasize membership power over the organization’s policy and our community development projects emphasize membership participation.

There are two ways to become a full-voting member of Bayview/Hunters Point Community Legal, inc.

  • Be a legal services client of Bayview/Hunter’s Point Community Legal.  Anyone can become a client, as long as they live within zip code 94124, or
  • Donate at least $25 annually to the organization and agree to become a member

Members set organization policy in at least three ways:

  • They approve the annual strategic plan during the annual meeting
  • They elect the board of directors, who meet bi-monthly and ensure that staff are adhering to the strategic plan
  • Special councils of members (selected at random) may meet at times during the year to clarify or modify the strategic plan and provide oversight to the staff

Of course, participation by members in the governance of the non-profit is encouraged, but voluntary.

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