Patrick and Jaron

Law Students

“I’ve been in the nonprofit world for 8 years. The legal sphere is so far out of reach for people that can’t afford it, but it’s the only thing that will help in many situations. We helped conduct an intake for two families that have homes that are separated by a thin gap of land. The land is rented out to a company that parks their diesel-fueled trucks in the lot and starts them up at 4 am every morning. It’s a nuisance as it wakes everyone up. But more than that, the diesel fumes have caused serious respiratory problems for the family. Their efforts to communicate with the owners have been fruitless for three years. But as soon as they came into Open Door Legal, the attorneys were able to take meaningful action. It won’t be fixed overnight, but Open Door Legal has a clear answer to the problem. It was powerful to see that.”

“Interacting with real clients with real problems has given me more clarity that this is what I want to do. I want to help people who are dealing with crazy situations that are so out of their reach to help themselves. I want to be in that process that process for helping them get legal help.”

Patrick and Jaron are 1L’s from Gold Gate University.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with Open Door Legal, visit our volunteer page.

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