Valeria will always protect her children – even against their father.

Help Valeria get sole custody of her children so they aren’t subject to the same abuse she was

Valeria is ready to turn the page on a very difficult chapter. Her relationship with Rickie had been fragile for a long time. But then the worst imaginable happened: her 12-year-old daughter, Sofia,   crawled into her lap and confessed that Rickie had touched her in ways that no father should. Valeria wept with Sofia and then leaped into action. She filed a police report, kicked Rickie out of the house, and put her daughter into therapy classes.

Two years passed, and Valeria, Sofia, and her two sons began to find a new normal. They continued going to school, attending therapy sessions, and keeping their distance from Rickie. Meanwhile, Rickie took a turn for the worse as he spiraled into homelessness. While he still had some visitation rights, he never took advantage of them.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Valeria got a call from Rickie. He wanted to take advantage of his visitation rights and see his sons. Valerie hung up the phone. How could she trust that he wouldn’t abuse their sons in the way that he had abused Sofia?

She decided, for the sake of her safety, to pursue legal action. Our family attorneys are now working to help Valeria secure sole legal and physical custody of her sons. Will you help us guard their safety?


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