Understanding Florida’s Auto Accident Law

Do you know what steps to take if you get involved in an auto accident in Florida? Read on to find out.

First Steps After the Accident

Immediately after the auto accident has occurred, Florida law requires you to stop and check for any injured persons.

The next step requires you to report the accident to the local authorities. This could be the local sheriff, police department, or the Florida highway patrol if you estimate the damage caused by the accident to amount to more than $500.

If your vehicle is blocking traffic, it should be moved either by yourself or with the help of a towing company.

Liability for An Auto Accident

Under Florida negligence law, there is a comparative negligence system that has been set in place to determine the amount of liability for both parties in negligence cases. An investigation will be conducted to determine the actual extent of liability for the concerned parties.

Insurance Claims for An Auto Accident

Florida law requires vehicle owners to have auto insurance that has at least $10,000 personal injury protection and $10,000 property damage liability.

Aside from the legal requisite of reporting the accident to the local authorities, you need to make sure that the accident report includes information on who is at fault.

Keep a copy of the auto accident information for your personal records, such as date the accident happened, the local authority/agency who conducted the investigation, and vehicle identification of all the vehicles involved. Immediately inform your insurance agency.

Have yourself checked out by medical personnel to keep note of any injuries. Again, take note of the medical information for your personal reference.

Did the auto accident significantly affect your way of life? You might want to consult and hire a lawyer that focuses on Florida auto accidents to help you.


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