The Law Belongs to All of Us

Everyone should be able to use it to protect
their property, family, and grow their business.
We’re working to make that a reality.

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Closed Cases Since We Opened on Jan. 7, 2013

Evictions Prevented & Families Housed

Thousands of Dollars in Awards and Settlements

Thousands of Dollars in Discharged Debt

Our Model:


Universal Access

We believe every person, of any income, should be able to enforce all their civil rights under law.


We focus on the highest need neighborhoods of Southeast San Francisco

Direct Services

We directly provide legal representation to low-income residents in over 35 areas of law.

Community Development

We build local wealth by giving everyone an opportunity to be an owner in Bayview.

We rely on people like you to help ensure everyone can enforce their rights

Invest In Our Work

What’s New

2015 Annual Meeting

2015 Annual Meeting

On July 13th at 6pm, our membership will meet to approve our budget and strategic plan for the coming year and elect new board members. We believe that the people we serve and those invested in our success should play an active role in our governance. Towards this end we made BHPCL a membership-based non-profit, and in our bylaws, specified that our membership includes everyone who is a past or present client, and anyone who donated $25 or more in the preceding year.