The Law Belongs to All of Us

A person’s ability to enforce important civil rights should not depend on their income.
We’re changing that by creating the country’s first system of universal access
to legal representation.

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Closed Cases Since We Opened on Jan. 7, 2013

Evictions Prevented & Families Housed

Thousands of Dollars in Awards and Settlements

Thousands of Dollars in Discharged Debt

Our Model


Universal Access

We believe every person, of any income, should be able to enforce all their civil rights under law.


We focus on the highest need neighborhoods of Southeast San Francisco

Direct Services

We directly provide legal representation to low-income residents in over 35 areas of law.

Community Development

We build local wealth by giving everyone an opportunity to be an owner in Bayview.

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    Rachel Adams

    Rachel is the victim of a landlord and lender’s illegal actions, and now can’t get housing…
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    Iona Lawhorn

    Iona is blind, and her niece stole her identity when she was supposed to be taking care of...
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    Ivan Konstantine

    Ivan is an immigrant who was never paid, and even beat up by, his employer…
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We rely on people like you to help ensure everyone can enforce their rights

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What’s New

New: California Ticket Amnesty Law & How We Can Help

New: California Ticket Amnesty Law & How We Can Help

On October 1st, 2015 California signed into effect the California Ticket Amnesty Law. Under this law, more than 300,000 Bay Area residents can have their outstanding ticket fines reduced and their driver’s licenses reinstated. The law states that ticket fines will be reduced based on income, ranging anywhere from 50 to 80 percent for any fines issued before January 1st, 2013…

BHPCL’s Annual Gala–Sunday, November 15th

BHPCL’s Annual Gala–Sunday, November 15th

Thanks to countless volunteers, the Bayview Hunters Point community, and an incredible network of supporters, BHPCL has had its biggest year yet. After 3 incredible years and 500 closed cases, we’re ready to spread our work to more communities in 2016.