Holiday Cases

Holiday CasesWe've compiled our active cases and placed them on giving trees this holiday season. If you can't make it to one of our giving trees, we're also placing some of them here so you can get a flavor for the problems we're working to address.CASE-438 A Family with Five ChildrenLiving in Section 8 housing has mold in the bathroom, a clogged toilet, leaky refrigerator, and no heat or working smoke detector. Despite several attempts to have these issues fixed, including a citation from the City, the landlord still has not cured the habitability problems. The landlord takes the clients' mail, including letters from section 8 stating the subsidized rent amount. We are proud to stand by this family and are working to negotiate a move-out agreement with significant damages for the habitability problems as well as suspected over-charged rent.Estimated cost of…

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Giving Tree

Giving TreeOur 2014 Giving Tree is placed at Nixon/Peabody in the Financial District and at The University of San Francisco School of Law. The tree holds almost 40 active cases, and allows people to pull cases from the tree and sponsor them. The cases represent a wide swath of issues that low-income people in Bayview are experiencing, from landlord-tenant law to domestic violence, and shows how we plan to help resolve those issues. Sponsoring a case is a tangible way to help ensure justice for the most vulnerable members of our city.Please enter the case number you're sponsoring in the comment box at the bottom so we can give you updates on how the case resolves. If you have any questions, please contact Tiffany Hickey, Outreach and Development Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled…

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BHPCL Announces New Social Service Partnership

BHPCL Announces New Social Service PartnershipWe’re excited to announce a cutting edge social service partnership with The Salvation Army! Our partnership pairs The Salvation Army case workers with our high-need clients, helping them get assistance on their non-legal issues.This work is made possible thanks to a new technology solution that we’ve built on the Salesforce platform. The system takes potential clients through an electronic screening, which determines their eligibility for our services, The Salvation Army services, and services at other nonprofits based on their defined needs and demographic information. After referrals are processed and appointments made, the system also allows us to coordinate services with The Salvation Army without exposing confidential information. Currently, The Salvation is able to assist our clients with: Expedited social security disability income processing for persons who are homeless or imminently homeless (through the SOAR program). Help accessing transitional housing by connecting people…

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BHPCL Grows Its Staff

BHPCL Grows Its StaffWe're excited to announce the addition of four new team members! Combined, these talented individuals will strengthen our organization and ensure that we deliver on our promise to use ALL areas of the law to improve Bayview/Hunters Point. Onki Kwan - our new Community Development Director, is in charge of the roll-out of our new community development program, which will creatively use the law to create new local wealth and opportunity. She will also manage all of our public interest advocacy cases.Tiffany Hickey - our new Outreach & Development Director, is in charge of community outreach & partnerships, of event planning, and donor development. She will help grow our capacity and connections to make our model a success.Anda Kwong- our new Managing Attorney, is in charge of managing all direct service cases in active litigation. This mostly includes eviction defense and domestic violence…

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The Detention Defense Fund

The Detention Defense Fund

Due Process for All. No Exceptions.

The Grossman Caramello Foundation, which sponsors the Detention Defense Fund, exists to promote the principle that due process is a human right for all, with no exceptions. Our goal is to make the United States' practices of immigration enforcement reflect those values of human rights and due process. Thus, the Foundation provides legal services and other support for victims of immigration enforcement incarceration here in the United States. Every year in this country the Department of Homeland Security incarcerates between 300,000 to 400,000 people without due process for suspected immigration law violations. Many people incarcerated for "immigration enforcement" reasons have legal immigration status such as green cards or visas,  live in the United States lawfully, and are mothers and fathers of small children. People incarcerated by the government for immigration reasons also include women who come…

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