• Solving Injustice

    Our mission is to provide access to justice for the residents of Bayview/Hunters Point, the highest need neighborhood in San Francisco. Read More
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What's New

  • Everett Wilson

    Mr. Everett Wilson (name changed at client's request) was homeless and living in his van when a cop showed up and demanded to see his registration. Mr. Wilson had kept Read More
  • The Detention Defense Fund

    Due Process for All. No Exceptions. The Grossman Caramello Foundation, which sponsors the Detention Defense Fund, exists to promote the principle that due process is a human right for all, Read More
  • Our 2nd Annual Gala

    Join us on November 10th at 7pm for our 2nd Annual Gala! The Russian Center2460 Sutter St.San Francisco CA, 94115We opened our doors to clients on January 7th, 2013 thanks Read More
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The Problem

There is only about one legal aid lawyer for every 15,000 legal needs experienced by low-income people every year. As a result, only about 20% of low-income people get any help in any way on their legal issues. Thanks to this, the US ranks 68th out of 97th countries in the world in access to civil justice.

Yet legal aid is incredibly effective: people are 5-10 times more likely to win their case if they are represented by a lawyer. Without this aid, people cannot protect their rights to stay in their housing, safeguard their property from seizure, or keep custody of their children. They cannot use the law in creative ways that build wealth.

The law is a great tool for creating opportunity and preventing injustice. We believe it should be accessible to everyone, and we're providing that access in the highest need neighborhood of San Francisco.

Click here to learn more about our mission.

Who We Are


We are lawyers, law students, investigators, advocates, consultants, and community members who are united by a passion for justice and a love of Bayview/Hunters Point. The story of how we got here is a fascinating showcase of the power of perseverance. Click here to read our story.

But our story is not over. We have big plans for growing our impact and ability to serve the community. Click here to read our vision.

Injustice is a socially created problem. It can be solved, and it's up to us to solve it. Our Staff | Our Volunteers

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Our Impact

We solve injustice one person
and one case at a time.

Read Sample Client Stories

Since we opened in January 2013 we have:

  • Represented over 150 clients, 70% of whom earn less than $15,000 per year.
  • Started over 250 Cases, including 50 Housing Cases
  • And we have big plans for scaling our impact into the future. Read our strategic plan.

What We Do

In order to solve injustice, we have two programs. The first utilizes an innovative model to serve the legal needs of everyone in the neighborhood who cannot afford a lawyer, in any legal subject area. We do all the work on a case before litigation: investigation, research, mediation, administrative filings, and negotiated settlements. We also help prepare clients for small claims court, or if they need full litigation, we work with our partners to find pro bono or low-cost counsel. Click here to read about our legal services program.

Our second program creatively uses the law to build local wealth. The first stage of this program is to help local businesses attract investment through direct public offerings on a web platform we're constructing. The second stage is to use this exchange to fund development of community-owned real property. The third stage is to build local wealth through diversified ownership of these local assets. Click here to read about our community development program.